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Editing with JCE tutorials

Configuring JCE Profiles

This video shows you how to configure JCE Profiles on Joomla 3.2 to make the editing toolbar much simpler - whether you're editing from the front or backend, and making copy & paste from MS Word much easier.

Adding Content and Basic Formatting with JCE

This video shows you how to type in content and carry out some basic formatting options like using H1 to H6 tags (Headings), paragraphs, bold and italic, ordered and unordered lists, blockquotes, superscript and subscript and using the character map to put in copyright and trademark symbols.  It also shows you how to copy & paste successfully from MS Word.

Inserting Images with JCE

Sizing and optimising images and uploading them into the Media Manager, then inserting them into your Joomla articles. Using the Align option with margin and border and giving the image a suitable Alt text (alternate text description).

Inserting Tables Using JCE Content Editor in Joomla 3

This video was produced for St Lukes Primary School and shows how to insert tables into an article and use some of the Bootstrap styling to style the table.  It also shows how to use the Module Manager to filter modules and unpublish a module from a specific page.

Setting Up Email Links in Joomla 3 using JCE

In this video I show you how to set up email links 3 ways; by typing an email address into the editor, by selecting some text and making it an email link and by selecting an image and making it an email link.

Inserting Links to External URLs using JCE in Joomla 3

In this video I show you how to make both text and images a link to another website and the difference between setting the target to "Open in new window" or "Open in current window".

Setting Up Links to Internal Pages using JCE on Joomla 3

In this video shows you how to set up internal links from a Joomla 3 article to another page on your Joomla 3 site.

Insert a Link to a Downloadable PDF in Joomla 3 using the JCE content editor

In this video I show you how to insert a link to a downloadable pdf file using the JCE content editor. I also show how you can use JCE to create a new folder in your Media Manager and upload your pdf directly into it whilst creating the link.


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