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Joomla Content Management

Joomla Content Management

Joomla is an open source content management system. In practice this simply means that site owners/administrators can add, delete, edit content without any specialist skills or software. All you need to edit a Joomla site is a browser.

There’s no need to purchase any specialist software like Dreamweaver or learn how to write code using html or css (cascading style sheets). It is important though that anyone who is adding content knows how to prepare - size and optimize - images for insertion into articles.  It's really important that this is done correctly in order to ensure that pages load at a reasonable speed.  Images uploaded direct from a digital camera, for example, are far too large and will have a seriously detrimental effect on page load speeds.  See my Resources page for some suggestions for free software to do this.

Joomla comes with a pre-installed editor called TinyMCE. So users can edit their content with an editor that looks like:


JCE Editor

Whilst the default Joomla editor is a perfectly acceptable editor, I always install JCE which I think is a much better editor - it certainly makes inserting links and images much, much easier.  The JCE editor looks like this:

There are a number of training videos on using the JCE editor on the Joomla Video Tutorials and on the JCE Tutorials page.

We train many customers to make edits or new content using this editor, but there are times when clients prefer that we manage the content for them, which we are happy to do.

If you would like us to manage your content for you and to make sure it is optimized for the search engines, please call to discuss your needs.



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