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Keyword/phrase & competitor research

To have any chance of success online, it's vital to start with some keyword research and online competitor analysis.

What terms are people actually using to find your products and services when they don't know your name?  Who are your online competitors?

Keyword/phrase research

We work with you to start with a basic keyword list based upon your products and services and using the language that your customers use.  We will then drill this down to exclude keywords that are too broad or with too much competition.  It's better to target keywords based upon topics.  See our Structural Organisation page for more information on topic/theme based structures.

If you're competing in a very competitive market it might not make sense to target the most common keywords.  Most markets will have niche keywords and long-tailed keywords that may have fewer searches but for a more specialised area.

Competitor Analysis

It's important to do a search in Google for you main keywords. It's extremely useful to note who comes in the top 5 positions of the organic listings and to note if any competitor shows up more than once on page 1.  Are any competitors using Paid Ads, how many Paid Ads there are for this keyword and are the sites that show up on page one real businesses or directories?

If you target audience is entirely local, take a note of who shows up on the Google Local Map listings.

We repeat this exercise with your other main keywords and take note if any of the same companies appear for all or some of your keywords.  If one company appears for some or all of your keywords, they are likely to be good at what they're doing!  So worth some deeper scrutiny to see how they're doing it!

Whilst carrying out this exercise it's a good idea to take note of the Title and Descriptions that appear in the search results and note any that stand out and make you want to click their entry.

If you need help with your Keyword Research or Competitor Analysis do give us a call on 0115 9621218.


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