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Internet Services; planning, optimisation, keyword research etc

It's not enough to have a website!  We can help you to plan the best online presence you can, by looking at your keywords/phrases, your competitors and your content, as well as hosting, security and maintenance.

Internet Services

Before building your website, it's useful to remember that your website is not for you!  It's for your customers.

Visitors are not interested in you or your company - they just want to know if you can solve their problem.

So you must know who you're selling to.   If you think that your target market is everyone, then you probably don't understand your target market.

No one really just browses the web - they're searching with a specific goal in mind; to find answers to questions or solutions to problems.

It's crucially important therefore, that you know what words that potential customers are using to find your products or services, when they don't know your name.  Potential buyers might not use the same terms as you.  You need to know how many searches there are for those terms each month.  How many web pages are you competing against?  Do you stand a cat in hell's chance of getting top ranking?  Or should you be using a less competitive keyword or phrase?

We can help with this as part of the planning process.  With this research we can help optimize your pages and content.



Using the internet to keep exising clients or to get new ones doesn't usually happen by accident.... it needs a plan!


Internet marketing is all about driving the right sort of traffic to your website.


Optimising the structure for users and search engines is a pre-requisite for a search engine optimized website.


To have any chance of success online, we start with some keyword research and online competitor analysis.


How can you get to the top spot on Google?  There's no quick fix - it takes time and effort! 

  • On page optimisation - heading tags, alt tags on images etc
  • Internal links & Meta Tags
  • Analysis of First Impression!  - Design, speed etc
  • Relevant backlinks
  • Social Media etc


Marketing drives traffic to a site! Conversion turns that traffic into customers?

  • Is it clear what you do or sell?
  • Do you have a compelling USP?
  • Does the layout of your site reflect where users actually look on a webpage?
  • Do you know who your customers are and what problems they are trying to solve?


We can host the site for you with a top quality hosting provider with excellent security protocols.

  • Managed Hosting
  • Web Maintenance & Security
  • Top notch Security Software
  • Email Accounts
  • DNS Management Service


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