Internet Planning & Research

Planning & Research

A Strategic Plan – know where you want to be and have a plan to get there. Your Internet Marketing Plan must be a part of your overall Business Marketing Plan.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What are our online Objectives – what do we want the site to do for us?
  • What functionality do we need?
  • Who are we? Do we have a Brand?
  • What do we do? Is it clear what we do or sell? Customers are not aware of 60% of what you do. Make it clear. Keep it simple. Keep text for the most part at a reading age of 13.
  • Who are we competing against both online and offline? What are they doing well or poorly?
  • What is our USP? Or a compelling reason why customers should choose you rather than a competitor? “If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete” (Jack Welch CEO GE).
  • Who are we targeting? What are their needs/problems? Profile them.
  • How can we meet those needs?
  • What do we want visitors to our site to do? Have meaningful “Calls to Action”.
  • How can we satisfy the “Trust” issue? Have your company name and contact information prominently displayed. Mention any memberships/qualifications/awards etc.
  • What Legal Requirements do we need to meet? Privacy/Data Protection/Disability Discrimination etc.

Remember that on the web the customer is in total control – they choose when and if to leave your site, what to look at, what to read, what to ignore, and ultimately whether to do business with you.

Traditional “marketese” fails on the web. Internet users are busy and impatient and are not interested in your company, its history and its successes. They’re only interested in what they want and how they want to buy.

Or WIIFM! (What’s in it for me!)

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