Internet Marketing

Track and Measure

Track and Measure The Internet is a dynamic marketing environment. Things change! The market changes, the competitive landscape changes, technology changes, your customer’s needs change.  We believe it’s important to take notice of what is working on your site and what isn’t.  To do this we recommend Analytic tracking software so that you can answer

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Marketing Your Site

Marketing your site Market your Site – with over 108 million websites online, if you don’t market your site it’s unlikely to be found. It’s vital to drive the right sort of traffic to your site. Use whatever marketing methods are most appropriate to your site: Search Engine Optimization Paid Advertising Link Building Article Submission

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Build and Content Manage

First impressions Researchers found that viewers make a judgment of a site in 1/20th of a second. This impression is classified as positive, negative or neutral. Naturally, those making a positive impression are more likely to get business from the visitor. It’s true to say that different people like different things and put their own

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How to Develop an Internet Marketing Strategy and Implementation Process that Works

Introduction Before we talk about how to develop your website marketing strategy, let’s just consider how we might measure the success of any Internet presence.A definition of a successful website: A site that meets the organization’s business objectives and the target market’s expectations. Those objectives could range from selling products or services, persuading or educating,

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